Golf Clubs

The Vintage Golfer

I am personally learning about vintage clubs and I am also documenting and sharing this information for fun.

This list is ever changing and growing. At the moment I am working on vintage clubs between 1945 and 2000. However, I like to sneak a few clubs from other years in for fun.


Ben Hogan Woods

BridgeStone Woods

Callaway Woods

Cobra Woods

MacGregor Woods

Ping Woods

Powerbilt Woods

Walter Hagen Woods (Comming soon)

Wilson Woods


Ben Hogan Irons

Callaway Irons (Comming soon)

Cleveland Irons

Lynx Irons

MacGregor Irons

Mizuno Irons (Comming soon)

Ping Irons

Spalding Irons (Comming soon)

Taylormade Irons

Titleist Irons

Tommy Armour Irons

Walter Hagen Irons (Comming soon)

Wilson Irons


Dandy Putters

MacGregor Putters

Odyssey Putters

Ping Putters (Comming soon)

STX Putters (Comming soon)

Walter Hagen Putters

Wilson Putters (Comming soon)